Results of Tibolar-RS

via Tibolar-Rs Organic Bonsai Fertilizer AMAZING results

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Results of Tibolar-RS

via Three Hawthorns in Flower, Including the Raft!

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Would you like that:

  • Trees and plants grow much faster?
  • Blooming of flowers on flowering trees / shrubs increase?
  • Fruit trees are getting more flowers and even after having no flowers  the trees will flower abundant? Which will increase the number of fruit?
  • Agricultural crops provide a greater harvest?
  • Fruit and vegetables are bigger?
  • Fruit tastes better?
  • Nutritional value of fruits is higher than average?
  • Shelf life of fruit and vegetables is much longer?
  • Plants and trees are more resistant to frost and drought?


And did you know that:

  • Bonsai treated with Tibolar-RS grow better?
  • Bonsai treated with Tibolar-RS have more Mycorrhiza fungi?
  • Bonsai treated with Tibolar have a healthy root system?
  • Bonsai treated with Tibolar-RS make faster callus so cutting wounds will heal much faster?
  • Flowering bonsai have an abundance of flowers?
  • Stems and branches are much stronger, less brittle?
  • Internodes on bonsai are much shorter?


TIBOLAR-RS is the answer for these questions!

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