Tibolar-RS 2012-2013

In April 2012 I started studying soil, after coming back from Nigeria where I got inspired by the soil I found there. My idea was to mix different soils (Nigerian soil with Dutch clay) and see what would happen with plants which were planted or sown in this mix. Unfortunately I was not allowed to take Nigerian soil with me. But noting could stop me, and there the idea was born.

After reading books and learning what soil was about, I discovered what was beneficial for soil and what was needed. I started testing and the first tests were on bonsai, herbs and trees in the garden.


Fagus Silvatica bonsai treated with Tibolar-RS. Within 6 weeks in late summer the results were staggering.


Herbs and seedlings results after only 13 days. Rosemary plant had much more roots and smelled very powerfull.


After aplying Tibolar-RS at the end of August 2012, it looked two weeks later as if a new spring did occur.

Soon the product I made was applied to fruit trees and the next year the results were pretty interesting.


Cherry tree which normally produced small cherries got big tasty cherries in 2013 after Tibolar-RS (30 grams) was added to the tree in oktober 2012

1185804_683044981723281_195926441_n 1175718_683044965056616_596977172_n

Pear tree ( Poire William) which didn’t had very much fruit in the last 10 years got an abundance of fruit after being treated with Tibolar-RS in november 2012

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