Tibolar-RS 2015-2016

12794850_1008692402518708_5645544966012772201_oWith all the amazing results around the globe, Europe, US, and the new enhanced composition, we also had to change our packaging.

Instead of the round, breakable 1 liter/1 kg bucket we started mid 2015 with the new doypacks.

At the end of 2016 we started the new variety of Tibolar-RS, NPK 4-6-19.                     Specially developped for usage in Autumn.



So we can pack more bags in one box instead of a few with the buckets. There are still some royund buckets left, these will be taken with us to the exhibits we will visit in the coming year.

Also the 2.5 kg and 4 kg round buckets we changed with rectangular buckets.

More and more positive results from people who use Tibolar-RS for their bonsai are coming in, line by line. More shops around Europe are starting to sell or are  interested in selling Tibolar-RS. The UK is one of these countries, in Denmark soon a sellingpoint of  Tibolar-RS will be achieved.

We are still looking for selling points for our amazing product in the EU and of course in the rest of the Bonsai loving world.

Because: Tibolar-RS,

Your soil needs it, your plants will love it.

And you will get the benefits. 

 2012-2016 Summary

Stickers from 2012- 2016.