Tibolar-RS and bonsai

Tibolar-RS and bonsai.

Because of my interest in bonsai, I started also applying Tibolar-RS to the trees in pots.

Advantages of the active substances in Tibolar-RS for bonsai are:

  • Bonsai treated with Tibolar-RS grow better.


Acer Buergerianium treated with Tibolar-RS and result after one month.

  • Bonsai treated with Tibolar-RS have more Mycorrhiza fungi.

Larix michorriza   DSC_1938

Larix Kampferii with Mycorrhiza fungi.            Pinus Thunbergii.

  • Bonsai treated with Tibolar have a healthy root system.

Trident Maple (17)

Acer Buergeranium potbound after being treated with Tibolar-RS (one growing season)

  • Bonsai treated with Tibolar-RS make faster callus so cutting wounds will heal much faster.


Pictures were made from 17 th of July till the 15th of October 2014.

  • Flowering bonsai have an abundance of flowers.


  • Stems and branches are much stronger, less brittle.
  • Internodes on bonsai are much shorter.

20150204_104208-1-1                                                                                                                                               I ask people what the length of this branch is. The answer varies from 10 cm till 30 cm.   On the bottom of this page you’ll see its remarkable length.

  • Usage of Tibolar-RS (NPK 4-6-2) at repotting makes the roots faster to heal and to grow.
  • Because of the minerals and sporeelements bonsai are healthy so less or no pest problems.
  • Because of the pelletshape it can be used on different ways. On the soil, pushed in the soil and in fertilizers baskets.
  • Great advantage of Tibolar-RS that it’s not season bound. So you can use all year around (except when frozen).

A positve side effect on bonsai (especially Chinese and Japanese Maple (Acer Buergerianium and Acer Palmatum)) was noticed last year and this year on both species. Instead of making two leafuds, the sleeping bud is also present. This can be seen in the pictures below. Imagine the new possibilities of using this new branch!

Trident Maple (7)   Trident Maple (1)

20141026_140100-1     20141026_140207-1

20141026_140306-1     IMG_20140705_211603

20150204_104208                                                                                                                   This is the total length of the twig. From the first bud till the top around 5 cm!                This is what happens when you use Tibolar-RS NPK 4-6-2 in the spring for bonsai nutrient.

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