Tibolar-RS and pines

Applying Tibolar-RS on  pine bonsai will result in:

Increase of new buds and backbudding.

DSC_1917   DSC_1924
DSC_1918   DSC_1921

DSC_1923   DSC_1916

An abundance of Mycorrhiza.




12794850_1008692402518708_5645544966012772201_o     12829184_1008692519185363_4752906704095491361_o


What the benefits are from Tibolar-RS NPK 4-6-2 for pines when applied with (re)potting is very clear in these pictures.

This Kuromatsu ‘Kotobuki’ (Pinus Thunbergii “Kotobuki”) was taken out of the nursery 5th of March 2015, roots were severe pruned, and potted on the 7th of March.

12249626_576797075806060_2539555710033892199_n    12246675_576797089139392_8241766756579234329_n  12278774_576797112472723_8581388138302149768_n    11221936_576797129139388_7593521730171400421_n

Two months later the candles looked very healthy.


And when the tree was taken out of the pot on the 20th of November the rootage is abundant and we see a lot of Michoriza fungi.

12219324_576797289139372_8504685712966158934_n      12241348_576797159139385_8161474152191375097_n 12241680_576797182472716_2012257673366004199_n      12274616_576797232472711_984899413212195296_n

To see the difference in a little more than 8 months time, the first and last picture to compare.

12246675_576797089139392_8241766756579234329_n   12241348_576797159139385_8161474152191375097_n

This is why Tibolar-RS is very beneficial for pines.



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