Tibolar-RS and repotting.

One of the best advantage of Tibolar-RS (NPK 4-6-2) is, that it’s applicable in repotting bonsai, verns, to be brief, every plant/tree.

First ‘victim/guinea pig’ was a Trident maple.  In april 2013 taken from open ground and almost every root was trimmed. First layer of akadama placed in the pot. On this layer I put the powdered Tibolar-RS (NPK 4-6-2) untill it was totally covered. Than the second layer, where I replanted the maple. Wired it firmly in the pot and filled the pot up with akadama.

In October 2013 I took the tree out of the pot with this result. Tree was totally potbound rooted.

Trident Maple (17) Trident Maple (18) Trident Maple (19) Trident Maple (20) Trident Maple (22)

So in 5 months I had a result what you normally get in two years (two growing seasons)!                                                                                                                                             Because Tibolar-RS (NPK 4-6-2) is so mild it wont damage the roots. It stimulates rooting and growth.

Japanese maple repotting.


Two months later..


Fern roots are very vulnerable. And this is what happens with ferns, when planted on Tibolar-RS (NPK 4-6-2).  For this small fern, I took 5 pellets (+/-3 grams) and planted it ON the pellets.

Varen test tibolar (12)    Varen test tibolar (13)

Varen test tibolar (14)    Varen test tibolar (16)                                                                         I also added some more pellets in the layer next to the fern.varentest tibolar (5)   varentest tibolar (6)One month later the fern looked like above.

For other examples for the aplication of Tibolar-RS (NPK4-6-2) on ferns is on this link: https://tibolar.com/tibolar-rs-and-ferns/

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