Tibolar-RS and vegetables

When I got my vegetable garden in 2013 I started to use Tibolar-RS on different vegetables.

Beet roots. The beets were sown in june and replanted in september. In november I replanted some more seedlings and with these I added Tibolar-RS. I used a teaspoon from the powdered Tibolar-RS (3 grams) per beetplant and in January I harvested them. ( We had almost no frost in this winter)

1501671_765776390116806_428240955_n 1175579_765776370116808_125266628_n

The beets on the left are the ones with Tibolar-RS. The difference between the beets with and without were staggering. The beets with Tibolar-RS were much bigger ( 15 cm diameter). They tasted much sweeter than normal/the other beets. And last but not least the beets lasted much longer, they stayed much longer fresh.

rode biet1   rode biet2                          Beet roots 2014

Carrots. When I harvested the carrots, I just did them in a plastic bag and forgot about them. When I opened the bag after one month weeks I noticed that the carrots weren’t rotting but were still growing. So even under these circumstances they managed to grow further.

1378408_709930489034730_1332201199_n  20131108_181448

Red cabbage.


Red cabbages were small (because I harvested them early), but much heavier in weight. The cook who used them told they were much firmer, And tasted sweeter.

These are some examples about what Tibolar-RS does with vegetables. Next to the better taste, bigger size, they are full of minerals and traceelements. So vegetables grown on Tibolar-RS are also healthier.

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