Tibolar-RS and yamadori

What does Tibolar-RS mean for yamadori?

Because of staggering growth of roots Tibolar-RS has great advantages for yamadori.           The yamadori is established faster in the first container and will be earlier out of the “danger zone”. The yamadori becomes more drought and frost resistent.


The use of Tibolar-RS NPK 4-6-2 on the first potting of the yamadori gives great results. Because the NPK4-6-2 variety is very mild but at the same time full of the essential minerals.  Back budding is one of the results of the use of Tibolar-RS.

tibolar poland1

New shoots, vibrant colors and more.

This Scotts Pine was dug up in 2016. This is the result in 2017. Potted in pure pumice (bims) and Tibolar-RS 4-6-2.


Results on a Yamadori Hawthorn. Lots of new shoots on the old wood.

13237766_652039184948515_6454944071952590183_n 13221762_652039231615177_2444058161845076663_n13267984_652039211615179_7403419968856328826_n 13244886_652039254948508_6342526262168617254_n

Tibolar-RS, your soil needs it, your yamadori will love it!

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