What is Tibolar-RS?

What is Tibolar-RS?

Tibolar-RS is a fertilizer which not only feeds the plant but also the soil in which the plant is located. The unique composition of Tibolar-RS is that it is a combination of plant fertilization and improvement of the soil.

Since januari 2018 Tibolar RS has SIX  varieties and still the varieties grow:

  • Tibolar-RS NPK 4-6-2 (Springfeed, for repotting and airlayering)
  •  Tibolar-RS NPK 4-6-2 Mychorrhiza (NEW)
  • Tibolar-RS NPK 13-6-2 (Summerfeed)
  • Tibolar-RS 13-6-2 Garlic (Summerfeed/bug repellent)
  • Tibolar-RS 4-6-19 Autumnfeed 
  • Tibolar-RS Fruit&Vegetables

Tibolar-RS NPK4-6-2 is used for repotting bonsai and other plants. Also plants and bonsai which are weak from mall nutrition will benefit from the mild and unique composition.

Using Tibolar-RS NPK 13-6-2 in summertime will cause abundant growth and backbudding.

Tibolar-RS NPK 13-6-2 garlic is for summerfeeding your bonsai. Garlicsubstrate is added because of its repellent effect against pests.

Tibolar-RS NPK 4-6-19 is autumnfeed for preparing your bonsai for the next growing season.

Tibolar-RS Fruit&Vegetables is because of its totally organic composition (no animal manure added) ideal for organic gardening.

Because of the added (of vital importance for plants) micronutrients and minerals Tibolar-RS has a very positive effect on virtually all types of plants.

Advantages of the active substances in Tibolar-RS are:

  • Trees and plants grow much faster.
  • Blooming of flowers on flowering trees / shrubs increase
  • Fruit trees are getting more flowers and even after having no flowers after applying Tibolar-RS the trees will flower abundant. Which will increase the number of fruit.
  • Agricultural crops provide a greater harvest
  • Fruit and vegetables are bigger
  • Fruit tastes better
  • Nutritional value of fruits is higher than average
  • Shelf life of fruit and vegetables is much longer
  • Plants and trees are more resistant to frost and drought.


  • Bonsai grow better.
  • Bonsai have more Mycorrhiza fungi.
  • Bonsai have a healthy root system.
  • Bonsai will make faster callus so cutting wounds will heal much faster.
  • Flowering bonsai have an abundance of flowers.
  • Stems and branches are much stronger, less brittle.
  • Internodes on bonsai are much shorter.                                   

5 Responses to What is Tibolar-RS?

  1. Hi this Mike from Full Moon Bonsai. Atlanta Georgia Usa would like to get some product and become a distribution outlet for Tiibolar RS in the US I know most of the major bonsai growers in US.

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  2. Mark says:

    I live in the U.S., how can I buy Tibolar – RS?


  3. Peterh says:

    Have you found anyone yet for New Zealand and Australia yet?


  4. Arno Cilliers says:

    I’m interested in becoming the New Zealand distributor.
    Kind Regards


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