What is Tibolar-RS?

What is Tibolar-RS?

Tibolar-RS is a fertilizer which not only feeds the plant but also the soil in which the plant is located. The unique composition of Tibolar-RS is that it is a combination of plant fertilization and improvement of the soil.

Since januari 2018 Tibolar RS has SIX  varieties and still the varieties grow:

  • Tibolar-RS NPK 4-6-2 (Springfeed, for repotting and airlayering)
  •  Tibolar-RS NPK 4-6-2 Mychorrhiza (NEW)
  • Tibolar-RS NPK 13-6-2 (Summerfeed)
  • Tibolar-RS 13-6-2 Garlic (Summerfeed/bug repellent)
  • Tibolar-RS 4-6-19 Autumnfeed 
  • Tibolar-RS Fruit&Vegetables

Tibolar-RS NPK4-6-2 is used for repotting bonsai and other plants. Also plants and bonsai which are weak from mall nutrition will benefit from the mild and unique composition.

Using Tibolar-RS NPK 13-6-2 in summertime will cause abundant growth and backbudding.

Tibolar-RS NPK 13-6-2 garlic is for summerfeeding your bonsai. Garlicsubstrate is added because of its repellent effect against pests.

Tibolar-RS NPK 4-6-19 is autumnfeed for preparing your bonsai for the next growing season.

Tibolar-RS Fruit&Vegetables is because of its totally organic composition (no animal manure added) ideal for organic gardening.

Because of the added (of vital importance for plants) micronutrients and minerals Tibolar-RS has a very positive effect on virtually all types of plants.

Advantages of the active substances in Tibolar-RS are:

  • Trees and plants grow much faster.
  • Blooming of flowers on flowering trees / shrubs increase
  • Fruit trees are getting more flowers and even after having no flowers after applying Tibolar-RS the trees will flower abundant. Which will increase the number of fruit.
  • Agricultural crops provide a greater harvest
  • Fruit and vegetables are bigger
  • Fruit tastes better
  • Nutritional value of fruits is higher than average
  • Shelf life of fruit and vegetables is much longer
  • Plants and trees are more resistant to frost and drought.


  • Bonsai grow better.
  • Bonsai have more Mycorrhiza fungi.
  • Bonsai have a healthy root system.
  • Bonsai will make faster callus so cutting wounds will heal much faster.
  • Flowering bonsai have an abundance of flowers.
  • Stems and branches are much stronger, less brittle.
  • Internodes on bonsai are much shorter.


Tibolar-RS is available at:

The Netherlands

cadeaubon achterkant

Bonsaihoek.nl (NL)



Bonsai studio Kata Nebari 





Paris Bonsai    

91, rue de la croix nivert                                                                                                            75015  PARIS



Nordic Bonsai Center  (Seeland)


Bonsai Værkstedet Danmark  (Jutland)                                   


We are still looking for retailers in Europe and other parts of the world who would like to sell Tibolar-RS in their (web)shops.

You can order Tibolar-RS at our webshop: http://www.bonsaihoek.nl/Tibolar-RS

For wholesalers and retailers prices, send us an email for inquiry at:      info@theabcshop.nl




5 Responses to What is Tibolar-RS?

  1. Hi this Mike from Full Moon Bonsai. Atlanta Georgia Usa would like to get some product and become a distribution outlet for Tiibolar RS in the US I know most of the major bonsai growers in US.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mark says:

    I live in the U.S., how can I buy Tibolar – RS?


  3. Peterh says:

    Have you found anyone yet for New Zealand and Australia yet?


  4. Arno Cilliers says:

    I’m interested in becoming the New Zealand distributor.
    Kind Regards


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