What do others say about the results of Tibolar-RS?

People who used Tibolar-RS have the following comments about the results of Tibolar-RS.


“The use of Tibolar-RS has been very benificial. I added Tibolar-RS to my repotted bonsai. They look much more vital than I am used to. The color of the leaves are much brighter! I have noticed something peculiar on my Boston Ivy ( Parthenocissus tricuspidata). I repotted this bonsai very late in the season and’it didn’t start to grow anymore.  After adding some pellets of Tibolar-RS (4-6-2) he started grwoing like crasy and now he is very green and vital. I am looking forward what next year will bring.”

United Kingdom:

“Last December at EUK Bonsai Ten in Diepenbeek Belgium, I bought two tubs of Tibolar-RS NPK 13-6-2 and NPK 4-6-2 where the trader had a table.

I started to use the NPK 13-6-2 on established yamadori quite early in the year as the winter was not cold at all, we only had two days where the temperature dropped below freezing so early feeding was possible on the trees that I wanted to have accelerated growth. These are trees that have been collected one year and I want a large amount of new growth and to build a solid root mass. I do not feed newly collected Yamadori until at least 2 months after collecting and only then if they have responded well. I used a teaspoon of the feed sprinkled onto the soil surface of each pot and then gently watered in.

On my established trees I started to use NPK 4-6-2 mid March, I used this balanced feed as I did not want growth that would be too vigorous and take the trees out of shape.

It’s now six months since I started to use this fertilizer and I am honestly staggered at how the trees have responded. This first became apparent around June/July when visitors to the garden remarked how healthy and vibrant the trees looked (when you see the trees every day you do not notice the changes) Its now September and the Crateagus and Prunus species are full of fruit and still bright green with no discolouring on the leaves. The established Yews and Pines have strong back budding this bodes well for next year and the fullness of the foliage.

Without doubt the most dramatic change has been the growth on the established yamadori. I used NPK 13-6-2 to boost the growth and the response, in particular by the Yew trees, has been staggering. The photos speak for themselves.

I do not make a habit of endorsing products as I have many friends in the bonsai trade however Tibolar-Rs Organic Bonsai Fertilizer is quite simply the most amazing ‘new’ product I have used… and I have NOT been paid to say this!”

Coppied from : http://yamadori.co.uk/2014/09/13/tibolar-rs-organic-bonsai-fertilizer-amazing-results/

2015-02-15 10.18.49-2

Another comment from Poland:

I have been using this year (2014) fertilizer Tibolar RS on  yamadori material.
I am very happy with the result. They produced much stronger new shoots therefore the root mass extended rapidly. The green colour was very vibrant. The amount of back budding is just amazing.
I can only recommend the fertilizer and looking forward to next growing season with it.

It does the work and much, much more. I thought it is just another fertilizer but the results are stunning.

(Just to make things clear, I am not(…)rewarded to write this opinion. This comes from a full season of working with the fertilizer and observing the amazing results).

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