What do others say about the results of Tibolar-RS?(2)

People who used Tibolar-RS have the following comments about the results of Tibolar-RS.

Scotland, August 2016:

Best ever fertiliser.

Put a small handful under all developing bonsai and all transplanting projects.                      I highly recommend this product and, incidentally, I bought this myself and was not given a free sample with which to promote this fertiliser.

After growing Bonsai since 1972 I don’t need to be paid to promote iffy products.                If a product as good as this is out there it is my responsibility to tell the truth to my friends around the world.

Incidentally I also used it on my garden fruit trees and ‘finally’ got a fantastic crop of pears and plums this year.

So, Thankyou to Adriaan Rietbergen who has given all of us a wonderful product.

I mentioned last week how much I loved using Adriaan Rietbergen product Tibolar Fertiliser pellets.

Better than any other product I have used over the past 45 years in both Bonsai and plant horticulture. My pear tree was popping out some tiny pears, very few and all hard as wood. I used Tibolar and these are some of the crop so far this first year. They are getting very big and are starting to look amazing. Can’t wait for the harvest.


18th August 2016.
Added information: I live in the west coast of a very clear led country, where we have very little sun. The soil is mainly horrible clay and everything possible goes against good growing conditions. This is why Tibolar has been so wonderful as an asset to these incredible results.


Hi Adriaan, my Tibolar has worked so well, i have had to pop some of my smaller trees into larger pots, due to wonderful root growth, after only 4 months. In spring of course i will trim root growth and return to small pots. Thank you


Realy a fantastic kind of fertilizer. My trees never looked healthier.


The Growth on my yamadori yews continues to surprise me. 4-6-2 from February this year  and this is the same tree today. Started with 13-6-2 middle of June and will continue up to end August. Second growth well on its way. https://www.facebook.com/bonsai.barker/videos/1730519357205583/

My Han Kengai Yew has tripled the foliage mass in the last two months thanks to Tibolar 4-6-2. I have now moved onto 13-6-2 with growth as vigorous as this I will have a tree ready to show in the next three years.