Why would you use Tibolar-RS?

Why would you use Tibolar-RS?
The first answer which comes to mind is WHY NOT?
And a phrase which says:”The proof of the pudding is in the eating”

Yamadori Scotts Pine on pumice and Tibolar-RS 4-6-2, 1 year after digging and potting

After 6 years of testing and seeing amazing results with our product on almost all plants and trees, we are convinced that Tibolar-RS has no competitors among the current fertilizers.

Because of the 18 combined micronutrients and minerals in this fertilizer.

We can go on with summing up the advantages of using Tibolar-RS on your plants, ferns, bonsai, vegetables and all leavy organisms. You can read it all on our website which was put together with the help of all the enthusiasts who used Tibolar-RS in the past years.

So when people ask you, why would you use Tibolar-RS?

I would say: Tibolar-RS?

Your soil needs it!

Your plants/trees/bonsai/orchids/houseplants/vegetables love it,                  and they and you will get the benefits!